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Given the product design, development and testing is complete, we have reduced many risks already regarding product quality and reliability.

Our next challenge is to ensure our new born leaves the nest and survives it’s predators in the global market place and that our intellectual property (Patent, Trademark etc) ensures FaceCradle’s design isn’t copied.

FaceCradle’s inventor has designed, developed and marketed over 30 products globally so the path of pitfalls has been traveled before.

Resistance is expected to be met in the market place from existing travel goods companies who have representatives by the thousands, ready to put FaceCradle down to protect their products. So we must reach the Retailers and Consumers to gain their confidence beforehand.

We have experienced some people commenting that the Deep Sleep Mode looks odd and they would be embarrassed to use the product.

Logic says that when the lights are out on a long haul flight for example, who cares what you look like! No sleep makes you look much worse! We think those comments come from people who haven’t traveled because those that have, would think sleep is far more important.

FaceCradle has 5 comfort modes, one of them is the same as a regular neck pillow, so the worst result is you get one of those! Deep Sleep Mode just happens to be one of the most comfortable!

We therefore have to re-assure people and give them confidence to buy FaceCradle. As we all know, the consumer masses are followers, who gain comfort from those who are brave enough to adopt great new products early.

World’s Best Travel Pillow
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World’s Best Travel Pillow

Sleep like a baby during long flights by bringing along the world’s best travel pillow.