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Each is about 8″ tall with a diameter of about 4″-7″. On average they weight about 6 lbs. As these are a natural product, no two are alike.

They are hand finished with a water-born clear finish. The liquor is always contained in food and beverage safe tubing on the way to the brass spout. The new and improved (patent pending) version keeps your prized liquor sealed better, and accommodates a larger variety of bottles. Also, you can unload bottles even if they are not empty.

Each comes with both wood and painted metal handles. And do I really have to add, no the liquor is not included!

Wood liquor dispenser
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  1. @Mari write:

    I bought this for my husband, and he loved it. The décor at our house is somewhat rustic and it blends well with everything. We had a small issue when we initially put the bottle in there. I don’t know why it started leaking and we lost about a fourth of a bottle.

    Other than that, amazing!!! We use it every once in a while when we are feeling it, and it is so easy to use. We don’t have to go through the hassle of opening bottle pouring and closing. Its just an easy twist knob and we pour exactly how much we want. It helps with not over pouring.

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Wood liquor dispenser

Display and serve your prized liquor in style! Our Log liquor dispensers are handmade from urban harvested Ohio hardwood trees

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