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The wind blows through your hair as you steer your personal dirigible along the wispy seas of air. For a moment, you forget yourself in the beauty of it all. But then you remember the lunch meeting you have. You quickly look to your wrist, get your bearings, and check the time – all without electricity. Because, naturally, you’re using your Navitron Steampunk Wrist Compass and Sundial.

You will easily pilot any sort of vessel when you have your Navitron Steampunk Wrist Compass and Sundial handy! It’s like a modern day GPS. Made of antique brass, the Navitron Steampunk Wrist Compass and Sundial acts as sundial, latitude finder, and compass (with locking button) – all strapped to a heavy-duty, brown leather band. All of the features, including sundial and angular latitude arm, fold flat for a compact look. The Navitron Steampunk Wrist Compass and Sundial is waiting to lead you to adventure and make sure you’re back in time for dinner.

If you’ve forgotten the ancient art of using a sundial, here’s a quick refresher. Lift the vane up and face north. The sun will cast a shadow on the rim, pointing out the time. Of course, the sun doesn’t adjust for Daylight Savings Time, so you’ll have to do that in your brain. To close the compass, fold the vane over and pop on the cap.

Please Note: The Navitron (like most sundials) doesn’t work in the Southern Hemisphere. Well, it does work, but you have to reverse all the numbers (i.e. whatever number the gnomon points to is actually the corresponding number on the opposite side).

Steampunk Wrist Compass
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  1. @Ted write:

    OHHH, I’m loving this thing!

    The only problem I have to say I had with it is that the strap doesn’t have enough holes for smaller wrists…I don’t think I know anyone that has wrists that big. lol
    So I had to adjust it and punch in a new hole myself.

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Steampunk Wrist Compass

Avoid getting lost in the wild when your GPS fails you by heading out with this steampunk wrist compass. This old school styled timepiece features a stunning brass compass and sundial combination to help pinpoint your location and the time of day.

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