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Take your life of adventure to the next level! This all-in-one zip line solution is perfect for almost any backyard. The SLEADDTM Taurus Zip Line Kit is the next level of a zip line revolution. The Taurus is ideally suited for zip lines up to 250 feet in length. Using the anodized aluminum Taurus Zip Line Trolley, riders can clip their harness into the trolley and fly across the backyard.

This zip line kit is innovation & simple from top to bottom: – The Taurus Zip Line Trolley is built with green anodized aluminum side plates, handlebars with sturdy rubber grips, and stainless dual ball-bearing wheels and a front bumper – Riding gear that includes a carabiner, 18″ lanyard and adjustable harness.

Stop Block. – 260 feet of 5/16″ galvanized aircraft cable is secured into the revolutionary, reversible SLEADD In-Line Tensioner with Tri-LinkTM for an install process that can be as short as 30 minutes – Forged fist grips and cable clamps secure the line using an adjustable cable sling making attachment to trees up to 3 feet wide a simple task – All the wrenches and tools needed to build your Taurus Zip Line Kit are included – Instruction Manuals The SLEADD Taurus Zip Line Kit is suitable for both kids and adults, with a weight limit of 350 pounds!

Sleadd Taurus Zip Line Kit
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Sleadd Taurus Zip Line Kit

Get an eagle’s eye view of your surroundings as you whiz by on this 260 foot zip line kit.