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Grow Rainbow Blended Carrots from fresh Daucus carota seeds. This rainbow mixture produces an array of colorful carrots. Mixed together you will find varieties of Cosmic Purple, Atomic Red, Solar Yellow, Bambino Orange and Lunar White. Each of the roots will range in lengths from 6 inches, up to 11 inches long and boast a delicious and unique flavoring. Most varieties within this carrot mixture will be ready for harvesting in about 60 to 65 days after first sprouts appear.

Carrots, believe it or not, weren’t always orange. Some of the most popular picks and more common picks in earlier days came in an array of colors such as Red (Atomic Carrot), Purple (Cosmic Carrot), Yellow (Solar Carrot) & White (Lunar Carrot). But as time carried on, orange became the more popular pick.

Rainbow Carrot Seeds
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Rainbow Carrot Seeds

Using these rainbow carrot seeds, you’ll be able to cultivate a multicolored garden with orange, red, white, purple, and red carrots.