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The IMAX Private Theatre pegs itself as “the world’s first turn-key home entertainment system,” which basically means it transforms a room in your home into your own private IMAX theater. The standard Palais setup can be built up to 75 square meters and costs about $400,000, though movie rentals cost extra. Price presumably varies depending on whether customers buy the small (seats seven), medium (seats 9), and large (seats approximately 17) size theater and whatever decor they choose.

Then there’s the Platinum model, able to accommodate 40 guests for the whopping price of $1 million. IMAX is also planning to offer a Prestige entertainment system, which is about half the size of Palais at $200,000.

Private IMAX Theater
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Private IMAX Theater

If you’ve got the space and cash, you can deck out your not-so-humble-abode with your very own private IMAX theater.

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