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What’s the one thing holding back your music-making potential? Is it the expense? Not everyone can afford to splash out on a full-sized keyboard or drum kit after all. Perhaps it’s the portability? Lugging around enormous instruments just isn’t practical. Or maybe you’ve hit a creative wall and need something exciting to get the juices flowing. Pocket Operator Synths are the solution to all of these problems.

With just a few button taps and knob twists you’re able to create complex patterns, punchy beats, hypnotic loops and catchy melodies. It’s powered by real synthesizer engines, brought to life by punch-in effects, 16-step sequencers and lots more. A built-in speaker blasts out your arrangements while the LED-lit screen presents lively animations to match the sound creation process.

Pocket Sound Synthesizer
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Pocket Sound Synthesizer

Create beautiful electronic music without spending thousands on equipment by using this pocket sound synthesizer.

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