More information about Pattern Embossing Rolling Pins

These one of a kind baking aids come etched with beautiful and intricate patterns that get transplanted onto the dough by rolling over it.

Made of beech wood. We precisely laser-engraved this rolling pin, polished by hands and covered with protective wood conditioner made from organic food-grade oil. Because this is a natural wood product there will be color variations that can be different from what is shown.

  • Snowflake Shapes Wood Embossing Rolling Pin Laser Cut Curved For The Kitchen Baking Decoration And Cake Tools
  • Made of Beech wood with High-quality; Size: (Approx) Total Length 39 cm Printing Section 20X4.8cm Handle 9.5cm
  • Use dry cloth after use, put in a cool ventilated place collection! In the dry environment can be regularly coated with vegetable oil to be protected in case of cracking.
  • Best Rolling Tool for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year Family dinner cooking baking making cake cookies
  • This Rolling-pins can be a really housewarming and pretty gift for your friends, kids and your kitchen


Pattern Embossing Rolling Pins
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Pattern Embossing Rolling Pins

Give your homemade pastries a professional baker’s touch by rolling them using these pattern embossing rolling pins.

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