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Do you want to live a greener and eco-friendly life? Isn’t your family worth it?

Dryer balls vs dryer sheets? Wool dryer balls protect your family. When you use dryer sheets your loved ones are exposed to harmful chemicals that coat your skin, clothes, sheets, towels, cloth diapers, and cozy blankets we wrap our children in. Brio Living cares about you and the environment. Each ball is handmade from 100% organic New Zealand wool offering a healthier and safer alternative to conventional fabric softeners.

Saves You Money: With energy costs rising, it can be expensive to run your dryer. Do wool dryer balls work? Absolutely! Our happy customers report they save between 30 – 40% less drying time per load. That adds up over time and time saved, is money saved. As your laundry dries, the wool balls gently fluff, lift and evenly distributes humidity in the dryer ensuring laundry balance and efficiency leading to a quicker drying time.

Eliminates Static Cling And Wrinkles: Snuggle up to a luxurious feel on your clothing. Our unique wool dryer balls create less friction against your laundry fibers and less friction leads to less static and a softer load. How to use dryer balls? Place 6 balls into your dryer with damp laundry, set drying time less than you normally do or use a moisture-sensitive setting. Over-drying has a tendency to cause static cling. Dab a few drops of your favourite essential oils on wool dryer balls for added scent without the artificial fragrance. Wool dyer balls instructions are included with each purchase.

Thank You For Making A Difference: Each wool ball and wool sheep coin purse are handmade with love and care by Nepalese women – with each purchase you are contributing to their livelihood and a better quality of life.

Your search is over – Check out our awesome wool dryer balls reviews! Buy a set for yourself and one for someone your care about and get free shipping!

Organic Wool Dryer Balls
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Organic Wool Dryer Balls

Now you can save both time and money when washing your dirty laundry by using these organic wool dryer balls.