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The moss carpet was born from a fascination for nature, more precisely its amazing complexity and detailed perfection. It also came from the fact that decorating a home with plants make it extremely warm and beautiful.

Nature is relaxing and bringing a piece of it inside the house is awakening our senses.

For us is amazing to have at home a functional product with living nature on it; A product that you take good care of and at the same time it is taking good care of you… To fill it in with mosses is cheap and it’s easy to find, both online and at flower-shops/garden centers.

The experience of receiving The Moss Carpet and preparing the mosses before actually experimenting its sensations is amazing, it is definitely a moment of interaction between user and product.

Moss Shower Mat
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Moss Shower Mat

Appeal to the naturalist in you while keeping the bathroom floor dry with the moss shower mat.

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