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The Rubrick Cube! A fully functional, mini, twisting, 3x3x3, puzzle cube! (Actual measurements are 4 cm / 1.57 inches cubed). The colour layout is done with only brand new LEGO bricks! The LEGO pieces do not come off, but you can definitely build upon it with other LEGO pieces to create your own crazy cube! A wonderful gift for all puzzle and/or LEGO fans alike!

LEGO Rubik’s Cube
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  1. @Tamara write:

    I very much like this item. It’s a more realistic build than the wheelchairs offered by Lego, including the recently released wheelchair minifigure in its Town City Fun in the Park set. This Qunotoys build is more dynamic–the footrest adjusts to recline the seat. My only disappointment is that it took exactly one month from date of shipping (Nov. 28) to arrive (shipped from Ontario, Canada, to Seattle, Washington, USA) and it missed Christmas. This was disappointing as it was a thoughtful gift from our handicapped son to our other son, and we’d ordered it in what should have been plenty of time. The seller was quite responsive but had no tracking information for the package. I assumed it was lost for good and am thrilled it finally arrived.

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LEGO Rubik’s Cube

Apart from giving the cube a fun textured look, the LEGO brick exterior can be used with other existing LEGO pieces to form a custom creation all your own.

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