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The Travel Blanket is a wind and water proof, compact travel blanket that is the perfect solution for staying warm and cozy on drafty planes, trains and cars. Easily stowed in a carry on, backpack, briefcase or purse. Never use an airplane blanket again!

 Features Include…

  • “Open Back Design” in-order to step into the blanket all at once, which also means the blanket cannot fall off when asleep and covers you from head to toe
  • Easy to slip on and off while fully seated in cramped quarters
  • Optional Hood for keeping your head warm and privacy
  • Front Storage Pocket perfect for keeping your smart phone or tablet while listening to music or while you sleep; theft prevention
  • Ultra thin PU fabric is draft proof and moisture resistant 
  • Folds up into itself as a small bag for easy storage, making it easy and minimal for long journeys (both pieces designed to fit into pocket for storage – 5″x7″); see below 
Head Hammock Pillow
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Head Hammock Pillow

Keep your head from bobbing around while you catch some Z’s by holding up your noggin with the head hammock pillow.