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WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Grab & Go Kits contain everything you need to make huge bubbles; including one collapsible WhatABubble® Giant bubble Wand, one portable Ziploc container to hold your solution and one four ounce bottle of WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Concentrate. WhatABubble® Portable Giant Bubble Kits make it easy and convenient to create huge, colorful, long lasting bubbles. Add tap water to the “fill line” on the portable Ziploc container, add one bottle of WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Concentrate, mix and remove foam. WhatABubble® Giant Bubble mix works great right away and works even better when left to age overnight.

The secret is in the formula! WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Mix is so robust oftentimes bubbles will sit on the ground without bursting! Check out the picture of the giant bubble on the ground. If you look closely you can see blades of grass sticking through the wall of the big bubble, yet the bubble did not burst. You cannot do that with homemade formula. WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Kit has red and yellow handles, and super absorbent cotton wick. The cotton wick material measures a total of seven feet in length. That’s as much wick in our large Pro Wand which makes the biggest bubbles, but in a small, very compact portable size.


Giant Bubble Wands
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Giant Bubble Wands

Fill your children’s carefree days with pure joy using the giant bubble wands. Once the wands are dipped into the included solution, your kids will have the time of their lives creating ginormous bubbles big enough for them to fit inside of.

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