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Bugs are all around us. They suck our blood, invade our houses, and steal our cheese. They scare many people, but really when you get down on their level they’re quite beautiful. And tasty. Really, around the world, many people eat insects – and many think eating insects is the thing of the future. They’re healthy, abundant, and quite yummy – especially when they’re seasoned. Time to share the bugs, with this Edible Bugs Gift Pack.

Seven different bugs await your teeth, tongue, dares, and palate in this Edible Bugs Gift Pack. Each tin contains one type of insect in the most appropriate flavor we could think of. Really, the Edible Bugs Gift Pack make the perfect gift for the person who is in need of a present. Mom’s birthday coming up? Get her a Edible Bugs Gift Pack. Christmas? Edible Bugs Gift Pack. Super Bowl Party? Edible Bugs Gift Pack. Edible Bugs Gift Packs for all!

Gourmet Canned Bugs
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Gourmet Canned Bugs

Send your palate on an exciting gastronomic journey with a batch of delectable gourmet canned bugs