BioRing Gives Personal Training Right

We’ve heavily invested in everything we can to make our lives as healthy as possible. From fitness tracking bracelets to smart socks, these wearables may be incredible but they only do half of the job. No matter how much we workout, it’s imperative to keep track of what goes into our bodies. For that, we have the BioRing.

The BioRing is a small wearable worn on your finger. Keeping tabs on everything about your body, it’s like having your own personal trainer at your fingertips all day every day.

Incredibly, the BioRing functions automatically throughout your day so you can spend less time inputting data and more time focusing on what matters. Packed with sensors, BioRing can detect and record the nutritional value of what you’ve eaten throughout the day. Recording your calories, protein, and fat, everything you consume is tallied. While it does take time, about six hours on average to fully detect your meal, the BioRing consistently and constantly updates the companion app for you to see.


In addition to nutrition, the BioRing records how many calories you burn during the day from exercise as well as everyday tasks. Also updating the app, you’re able to view your calorie balance which is the difference between calorie input and calories burned. If you overeat, the app will notify you so you can get back on track with ease. With yet another sensor, the BioRing also records your heart rate for any activity.


The tracking doesn’t stop when you do. Even at night, BioRing is collecting data about your sleep levels including the duration and quality. Giving you easy to understand insights, you can make adjustments to make the most of your sleep. These sensors also work to detect your stress levels and will notify you when it’s time to chill out.

Just like an enthusiastic personal trainer, the BioRing will tell you if you’ve been inactive for too long and when it’s time to drink more water. With all of these metrics and reminders, you’ll be achieving optimal health like never before. Designed for your lifestyle, the BioRing is waterproof, scratch-proof, and perfectly engineered to be comfortable for all-day wear.


Available in black or white, you can pre-order the BioRing for only $219, over 25% off retail price. A special addition stainless steel model is also available for a limited time for just $299. Shipping is estimated for November 2016.

Such detailed tracking can transform your life. What new goals will you be setting?

This article was written by Ashley Timms for thegadgetflow.

BioRing Gives Personal Training Right
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