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What mystical force could actually bring a book to life? The answer will forever stay locked deep within the pages of our Animated Writing Spellbook. An absolute must-have for every spine-tingling setting. At first glance, it’s a witch’s tome, adorned in wicked detail with a spider, web motif, and title, “SPELLS.”

Peek inside, if you dare, and the pages illuminate; a symphony of screams, breaking glass, and creaking begins; then this ghostly sight… authentic quill begins to circle a mysterious diagram, all by itself! A whole lot of boo for the buck, too.

Animatronic Writing Spellbook
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  1. @Mercury write:

    This product will be fun to incorporate in my Halloween display. Very happy with this. I like that it is animated and it will fit in well with my witch’s lair this year.

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Animatronic Writing Spellbook

Scare the pants off any trick-or-treater that dares enter your haunted house by placing this animatronic self-writing spellbook on display.