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MOTION-SIM is an extended car simulator with 4 moving legs (an older model with 3 moving legs and rotation on a circle base), 3 x 27″ 2D LED displays with a panoramic view or one big 47” 3D / 2D LED TV, with a professional racing seat with safety belts, with a professional racing steering wheel, 3 metalic pedals – an accelerator, a brake (with a real braking characteristic) and a clutch, with a manual sequentional gear shifter or H-pattern gear shifter and with a handbrake.

Recomended for a real car simulation!

Simulator gets data about position of car, speed, G-force, etc. from a game and moves a cockpit using these data. You feel like in a real car – inclination in curves, vibrations from a terrain or tarmac, G-force during acceleration, braking or cornering up to 2G.

You feel like driving a real car!

Simulator can simulate many types of races: rally, circuit races with a sport cars or special monoposts, a formula, carts, etc., on variety of real and virtual tracks.

We also produce a version of Flight simulator with a special steering wheel (yoke) and pedals like in a real aircraft.

3D Racing Simulator
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3D Racing Simulator

Put your skills to the test and see if you’ve got what it takes to drive with the best of best on this 3D racing simulator

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