More information about 360 Degree 4K Spherical Camera

With Sphericam, you push a button to record totally spherical video in high resolution 4K – the exact resolution needed for ideal performance on today’s VR headsets. It also looks amazing on a tablet or even in fullscreen on a desktop.

Other 360º cameras are full of compromises and are no fun to use. They either don’t deliver the resolution, or require lots of difficult tricks. None of them allow completely synchronized capture of every pixel in every direction.

Sphericam has been engineered from the beginning, with every factor in mind towards creating a correct, best-in-class spherical image, without any hassle, in a reliable and easy way.

360 Degree 4K Spherical Camera
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360 Degree 4K Spherical Camera

Capture everything around you in stunning detail using this 360 degree 4K spherical camera. It offers 100% spherical capture and global shutter at 60 FPS